Thursday, 31 January 2008

Louisa's first day at school!

I'm not quite sure where the last 4 and a half years have gone, but here is my baby starting school yesterday. I apologise for the blurriness of the photos (mummy's hand was shaking a little), but I think the expression shows exactly how we were both feeling about her first day. Apprehensive, but mainly excited.

Her day seemed to have gone really well. The teacher has already established that Louisa likes to chat and isn't shy (no surprises there). And when talking about activites she did that day, I commented that it sounded like fun. Her response: "Everything was fun, Mum!'.

I must confess I'm happy that the Prep year here in Qeueensland is play based, and will be similar to the C & K kindy she attended last year. I had been quite casual and unconcerned about her starting because of this, but must admit to some quiet tears on the way back to the car. I'm only just realising that so many of the outings and adventures we've done together and that I've taken for granted will be consigned to school holidays and weekends. 'End of and era' is how one mums' group friend put it, and it sure is!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Happy New Year (yeah, yeah, I know the month's half over)

I've had a super relaxing few weeks, after all the drama of pre-Christmas excitement. I very much appreciated the chance to do not very much at all. Even the weather cooperated, with rain, rain and more drizzle, so that my action man husband also had to put any outdoors adventures on hold and just let us all relax.

My first try at hosting Christmas was a success, even the turkey was lovely. My family (Mum, Dad and two sisters) joined us from Gippsland, Victoria and Canberra, and even braved the early morning present opening. The girls were very spoiled by everyone. Here's the Christmas morning mess:

The bubble machine from big brother Jake was a huge hit:
I love the way Lizzie blows bubbles. Her whole body moves - so cute!
Jake joined us for part of the holidays, and was quite surprised the weather was cooler here than home in Melbourne. He still managed to get into the pool most days.We took a quick trip to Melbourne to catch up with Peter's parents. We managed to solve the mystery of the Farifield dog for Jake. For years he's been telling everyone the dog moves its tail, and noone would believe him. We now have video evidence for him.
We stayed at a friend's apartment in Port Melbourne. Boy has that area changed since we've been in Queensland!