Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Louisa's party

What is a teddy makeover party?

I'm glad you asked. I had this question a lot when I sent out the invites to Louisa's party recently. Basically it was an idea Louisa and I had which was 1) closer to home than the Teddy Bear Factory and 2) more fun. A teddy themed party probably isn't something you could get away with beyond six, but I think the term 'makeover' made it seem a little more grown up.

We asked the party guests to bring a plain bear from home (or borrow one of ours). Most babies and children seem to get way more stuffed toys than they could ever possibly play with, so this was a chance to drag those neglected teddies out of closets and storage boxes and actually use them!
We spent a short amount of time choosing new outfits for the girls bears that I'd sewn, and putting cheap jewellery on them, and then onto playing games (including Musical Bears instead of musical chairs and a Teddy Treasure hunt) and having fun.
I cheated a little by using a very easy summer shirred dress with ribbon straps. It's a good thing teddy bears have all that fur to keep them warm! I sewed party bags but cheated by using a non fraying material and simply folding a rectangul in half and sewing two side seams and tying up with some curling ribbon. Great effect, without much effort.
We had a low key cake this year too, just a love heart shape with pink frosting and sprinkles. If we had grandparents and other relatives nearby, we'd most likely not have had a party this year, but with no family dinner as a substitute, I'm happy to give the girls a party each year, just not too over the top.
I think the guests had a fun time, and I know my two certainly did. Now to plan Elizabeth's party for next month!