Monday, 24 November 2008

More sewing!

Quite a bit of sewing to report. Maybe its a warmer weather thing. Here's a couple of things I've done lately.
Firstly, a twirly skirt, which will be part of a present for Louisa's friend, Ava. The fabric was from a local discount fabric store, where I've often uncovered some gems. Their quilting fabrics are only $6, so perfect if you don't mind that the fabrics aren't the latest current favourites. This is apparently is an old Michael Miller. It's very pink, but I think the recipient will like it very much.Secondly, Lizzie was after a nightie. Louisa has a satin cheapy from Coles of all places. She adores it (it's pink with fairies - what's not to love?) as does Lizzie. I raided my stash one night to make her one and discovered this lovely thin knit fabric I'd squirreled away, with plans for a light hoodie which never eventuated. I vaguely traced the pattern from Louisa's, so consequently it's a little big, but Lizzie doesn't mind and at least it will last her a while!

Finally, non-sewing related, but Louisa completed her very first Highland Dancing exam on Saturday. She did very well and was very impressed with her medal - and with this mock magazine cover we put together:

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Lizzie's peasant dress

Here's Lizzie's new peasant dress. I've loved seeing peasant dresses on loads of blogs lately, so thought I'd do my own simple version with an old pattern I already had. It really shows what great value home sewing is. I used some lovely Cherry Tree fabric I got in my local Spotlight's recent move for a bargain $5 a metre!I'm very happy with it, and so is Lizzie. I intially thought this particular fabric was a bit too sickly pink, but Lizzie insisted and I love it made up. She's happy to wear it all day, without the need for costume changes 5 times a day which we've been having lately. It's so comfortable you can even bungy trampoline in it!That photo was taken at Kings Beach Caloundra, a fantastic family holiday spot. In addition to the bungy trampoling, there's an ocean water bathing pool, lovely patrolled beaches, some nice eateries and cool water features to play in. This time it had the added attraction of Victorian based Grandma and Grandpa Max, and Aunty Helen, staying there.
Here are the girls dressed and ready to go on the way up.

The trip back was quite eventful, driving into the severe storm South East Queesnlad endured on Sunday afternoon/evening. Our usual 45 min trip became 2 and a half hours of very slow driving, and Louisa and I were exhausted after it (Peter was working). Lizzie slept the whole way, and then transferred to bed and slept through until morning with no dinner. Thank goodness I'd allowed them both to have an icecream before we left.