Monday, 21 June 2010

Home from Victoria

My blog has been sadly neglected as we enjoyed some time away, visiting the girls' grandparents (both sets!) and meeting their new little cousin, my sister's new baby Leo.

While the weather was chilly, the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The highlights for them were getting to pick flowers from Grandma's garden (as you can see laid out on the table below, they didn't hold back!) and patting the next door neighbours cats. I myself am not such a fan of cats, and even had to push one away with a broom when he looked like attacking a bird!

Here's baby Leo - quite a cutie!
My mum loves her garden and her roses, and this was my favourite a dusty pink/almost brown one. (I've forgotten the name already!)

We also managed to catch up with my husband's parents too on the way back to the airport, where they were spoiled with tasty treats (Nanna's a great cook and always has a muffin or cake waiting for the girls) and hugs and kisses.

Now off to so some sewing! Yes, sewing!!