Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone's having a nice day. I received two cards this morning - a handmade paper one from each of the girls. Very sweet. My husband and I just said "Happy Valentines' Day' to each other. It's not something we make a big deal about, although I did decorate the bottles above in keeping with the Valentines theme.
I had ideas of doing a fancy frosted version, but in the end, I left it to the last minute and slapped some white paint on, with some crackle medium I had lying around since about 1994. And excuse my hastily picked flowers from my garden. I planned to buy some pretty ones from the supermarket, but the usual cheap bunches have been replaced with very expensive ones! I wonder why...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Blame this:

Well, Happy New Year sounds quite lame, considering it's February already. I'm very embarassed about my lack of blog posts, but we have had a very relaxing time over the Christmas/New Year period, and it's taken a while to settle back into routine.

That handy little device above was my Christmas present, and I've been busy acquiring lots of great reading (including free classics!), so have become even more of a book worm than usual. I promise I'll be a better blogger from now on. Right after I finish this novel...