Thursday, 20 December 2007

Lizzie's Christmas dress

I've finally completed Lizzie's Christmas dress, although 'completed' might not be the exact word. The pattern also included an underskirt, and I had some red fabric sewn up and hemmed ready to go. But I had a last minute change of plans, for a few reasons. Firstly, it looked so lovely as it was when I tried it on Lizzie. Secondly, I'm anticipating a hot muggy day and the less layers of fabric, the better. And lastly, I must admit the thought of gathering another skirt if I didn't really need to wasn't that appealing.

Lizzie loves it and Louisa has been eying it of enviously and asking when she can have a dress like that! Please excuse her messy hair, she'd not long before woken up from a nap!

I'm also including here a sneak peak of our photos we had done for various Chrissie presents. I only picked them up a few minutes ago, so I'll go through the CD and pick out my favourites to share at a later time. We went with Moods Photography based in Woody Point.


tigerfilly said...

Awww, that is so sweet, I love the big bows!. I think the skirt sits out very nicely without an underskirt too.

Cass said...

I love the dress Suz but I especially love the picture of the girls. They look so great in it can't wait to see more

Kim said...

That dress is gorgeous Suz! Well done. The photo of the girls has a lot of atmosphere too. Can't wait to see some more.

ingrid said...

The dress is adorable suz! Just perfect for Christmas day spinning and twirling!
The photo is lovely too, you will have to show us some more.

Corrie said...

oh Suz that dress is just adorable!!!! so cute and love the picture looks so sweet and innocent

happy christmas

Kylie said...

That is so cute Suz - and love the photo of the two of them - cant wait to see more!