Sunday, 17 February 2008

Other people's work

Not much creativity from me lately, so how about a look at some other people's. Namely, my two daughters. I wonder if you can pick which pictures were done by the two year old, and which were done by the four year old? Louisa's only lately shown an interest in drawing, I guess because you have to stop talking and concentrate for a bit! Her little sister, Elizabeth on the other hand loves to draw more than anything, and is pretty good for her age, I'd say.
Can you tell we've had a lot of rain?

Another creative person is Greg Dries, from Moods Photography. Here's just a couple of the beautiful photographs he took at the end of last year.

1 comment:

Corrie said...

ohhh I can't wait till keira brings home some art that is more than splotches and lines!

and the photos are so cute!