Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Holiday fun

We've just returned from a lovely time in Victoria, catching up with the girls' both sets of grandparents and extended family. We also had time for some sightseeing too.

We loved dipping our toes in the icy cold Tarago River at Noojee, a great antidote to the unexpectedly warm days.

Meeting some new friends at Gumbuya Park -that placed has certainly changed since I attended the opening at age 7 . There's a lot more emphasis on rides for the older kids, and less animals than I remember. Here's the girls meeting the sole emu.
Here we are on the City Circle Tram, which Lizzie enjoyed a lot. Louisa was less impressed, after being bonked on the head by a man's bag as he disembarked. I loved seeing how the city has evolved over the last decade since Peter and I moved to Brisbane.
We also managed a visit to the Melbourne zoo, which we all enjoyed. Here's Lizzie bug exploring, and making the acquaintance of a butterfly friend.

Sorry this post is not very sewing related, although Lizzie is wearing some upcycled pants in the pics. I added a toadstool patch and elastic waist on the morning we left, after I realised her wardrobe mainly consists of skirts and dresses!

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