Thursday, 24 September 2009

Clothes for grown-ups

I finally managed to do some sewing for myself, making the top above from some quilting fabric. The pattern, a Built by Wendy, is extremely simple, and as I was sewing it it occurred to me that it would be easily converted into a maternity top - no, not for myself, but for someone I know who's expecting.

So I simply added more length in the front and gathered the sides so it was even with the back. I made it in a stretch fabric to give even more room.

It's a bit hard to photograph yourself modelling clothes, and even harder modelling maternity clothes when you're not pregnant, but here's my best attempt.


Natalie said...

Your top is so pretty, perfect for the nice sunny weather that I'm sure is around somewhere (not here unfortunately yet!) I love the maternity version too, I had a similar top when I was pregnant with Cheriese that I loved, it was comfortable and flattering which is hard to find!

Kylie said...

They both look great - I have to start some sewing for myself so I have some clothes when we get to Bris:) Will get the time one day!

Andrea said...

Ahh so that is how you do it! I was only thinking the other day how difficult (or easy) it would be to make some tops. Might have to have a look out for a pattern like that.
Thanks for the idea Suz.
Love your version too, that fabric is lovely and perfect for our lovely spring days. Hey we should have another get together, it has almost been a year!!

Little Munchkins said...

Both the tops look great.

Do post more often in EB, I miss seeing you there.