Monday, 12 October 2009

Another ruffly tiered skirt

One of the issues with having two daughters is that if you make a pretty skirt for one, you have to make it for the other! So I did. This time I used contrasting fabrics, and I didn't use my buttonhole stitch for the top of the tiers, just a simple hem. It worked just as well. I realise now that this photo only really shows the bottom two tiers, the third is the same fabric as the bottom tier. Oh, and the photo also shows a Milo face! Oops.

1 comment:

Corrie said...

gorgeous suz! I haven't stopped by for ages but you're on a sewing roll!!!

love it all...I couldn't keep up on EB anymore! Actually I can't keep up online anymore as everyone is doing facebook, twitter, blogging, forums!!!!