Thursday, 9 December 2010

Lizzie's Kids Swap

Well done to Kylie for organising this Kids Swap. We enjoyed making some clay decorations and cutting out some paper dolls, as well as choosing some cool craft stuff to send to another mini crafter.

Mollie's received her parcel from us. We hope she enjoys it! We hope our other little recipient recieved hers in one piece too.

Lizzie was so lucky to get some beautiful things from Alice. Unfortunately my camera's playing up so no photos, but there was so many bits and pieces, and a drawstring bag full of things that tinkle and sparkle. Lizzie loves it! And is painting her little clay santa as I write.

I hope to be back with a load of pics soon!


Karen said...

So glad Lizzie liked it all - Alice had a ball choosing things for her - and chose things she liked so I hoped they would appeal to Lizzie too!
They are at a 'sparkly' age aren't they.
So sorry we forgot to include our card, I'll try to get it on its way shortly!

Kylie said...

Louisa's is still to come - it has been returned to the sender. Have sent you an email.
x Kylie