Monday, 7 March 2011

Our not-so-new new bed!

Here's a shot of our recently improved bed. It's not my dream bed, but for now I think I've changed the look enough for me to be quite pleased whenever I enter the room.

You can see from the picture below that it was a little bit on the twee side of country and had that orangey stain that grates on me. So I decided to saw off the top of the bedposts and stain the wood with Black Japan. I like it a lot more now, and combined with some new bedside tables and new bedlinen, I feel quite happy with the room.

Before (in our old house) :
The new bedsides are from Freedom, but of course, I didn't pay full price. One was 'damaged stock' (just a mark on the inside of the draw) and the other on sale anyway. Oh, and the faux leather trunk is from SuperAMart of all places - I'm almost embarassed to admit that as I hate their furniture and their store and their general business philosophy - but hey, the price was right!


Bayside Rose said...

Wow Suz! What an amazing transformation. Your room looks fabulous and it is huuuuuge!! Well done.

Pam x

Kylie said...

It looks great - I would never have though to chop off the rounded tops:)

ingrid said...

What a fabulous transformation. I love the new look and I am another one who would never have thought to chop off the post tops either.
The new linen is lovely too. I adore white on beds.