Saturday, 20 January 2007

Another tiered skirt

Here's Louisa (and Elizabeth's hand) talking to the girls next door through our fence, wearing another of my sewing efforts.

It's from the same tiered skirt pattern I used to make her red dotted 'Christmas skirt', this time in a cute pink paisley print. I choose it because of the border. It makes such a simple skirt look lovely. I was impressed with myself for using french seams on the side seams, but then got too impatient to finish and left the gathered seams raw. Annoyed with myself. I would normally zigzag the edges (no fancy overlocker here, I'm afraid).

One of the EB girls, Marie suggested using french seams on the gather. It hadn't occured to me, so I did this on a second skirt, this time a plain white one.

I'm having some problems transferring the pictures from the camera (a common thing with our new camera. Grrr..Okay so it's nothing fancy, but I'd still like to be able to do something with the photos once I've taken them) . So that can be for another post.

Here's some more shots of the girls instead:


Cass said...

Suz, the skirt is great. A number of us have used this material all doing dfferent things.

Helen said...

Suz, your skirts are inspiring me! Must make some too for my girls. Yours look lovely! What was the conversation betweeen the fence too I wonder? LOL

Andrea said...

Oh I love that fabric! That skirt is pretty much exactly the same as the one I made out of that fabric - great minds!