Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Latest purchases

Here's my latest purchases. The patterns I got today wandering into the local Red Cross store. I love the Vogue dress at the front, but no real reason to make it yet. Obviously someone was a big fan of knit fabrics. There is a couple of patterns in the book with the girl in the daggy hat, so I might get to use all this jersey I bought.
The green spotted jersey I bought on a stressful shop with Elizabeth. I wanted some jersey with vague notions of making myelf a wrap dress, but was thinking more on the lines of blacks or grey. As I was browsing, Elizabeth decided to climb out of her stroller and run rampant. I couldn't think straight really, and ended up buying 2 and a half metres of this stuff! There are a few ideas I've got, but definitely not a dress in this green - not me at all, but a top is a good idea I think. The green circle satin will make great pajamas.
The flanellettes, grey star drill, and the patchwork was bought on Monday at Lincraft - a much better shopping experience. And the blue I bought from funky fabrix to make a bag for Mothers' Day. Well, that's the plan.
I have so many projects in my head, but have no idea when I'll get to them all!

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