Monday, 8 October 2007

What a busy weekend we had! It began with our usual weekend morning coffee and a dip in the pool, then in the afternoon the girls and I headed to the kindy for their 50th anniversay celebrations - a mad hatters tea party. Loads of fun, the highlihght being the traditional Punch and Judy show. My girls were so gorgeous sitting side by side and looking at each other and laughing at al the good bits. They are sisters, I know, but I love how they really enjoy each other's company.

On Sunday morning, following the coffee ritual, we stumbled upon a vintage car rally, officially The Great Gatsby Picnic, with loads of vintage cars, reproduction wooden boats, camels rides, bagpipes, the works!

In the afternoon, with my dear husband happy to stay home in front of the TV to watch Bathurst, I took the opportunity to leave the girls at home and begin Christmas shopping. I headed to the larger shopping centre we have, and did the whole bit. The best bit was being able to get to the Myer Christmas trim shop in its first day of opening.

My grandma used to have some lovely glass bird ornaments. Each year, Dad would risk life and limb on the local railway tracks to get a tree for both her and us and we would help dress her tree. Clipping those beautiful birds onto the tree was my favourite thing. Over the years the delicate birdds have lost bits of beak or feather, so although Mum still has them, they're not really usable anymore. I've often seen similar birds advertised in catalogues, but everytime they've been sold out before I've got to store, but not this year! I bought several, mostly in more subtle golds and browns, but couldn't resist this colourful one. I knew the girls would love it! As I mentioned in my last post, I finished Lizzie's apple dress (yes, I've decided they really are apples). It's a little big for my 'Thin Lizzie' and she didn't show much appreciation for all my efforts. I'll put it aside until it fits better and hopefully by then she'll be happy to wear something other than souvenir Tshirts.

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Jen said...

oh yes! I am hoping to get some decorative birds in the coming years. The bright one in your pic is gorgeous!