Thursday, 29 May 2008

I'm such a bad blogger at the moment. I sometimes feel bad, but then I figure not that many people are still reading, so it doesn't really matter! I do still want to keep it going though as record of this stage in my life. So here comes a photo rich post.

Mothers Day is a while ago, I guess, but these photos are from that weekend. We had a lovely time in the mountains, Peter convincing the girls we'd found 'Fairy Mountain', so a fairy spotting expedition was underway. The girls keep catching imaginary fairies, having a little chat and then letting them go. So cute.

We won't even discuss the restaurant we ate at that day, except to say I used to think restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares were exceptions. Not so sure now.

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ingrid said...

Lovely pics Suz. Your girls are so gorgeous. I especially love the shot of them in the old tree. It looks magical.