Monday, 5 May 2008

Long overdue...

Here is Elizabeth with one of her favourite toys. I have been very remiss in not posting photos of Tiger Filly's fabulous handiwork which we received as part of our Valentine's swap. Mainly as it quickly became a favourite with my mermaid obsessed daughters and it's been tricky to wrench it out of their hands. So here it is, still in Lizzie's possession, maybe a little worse for wear. I also received some beautiful cord, which you will be seeing very soon in the form of another pinafore dress, and yummy chocolates which quickly made their way into my mouth and onto my hips!
Thanks again for such thoughtful gifts, and apologies for not posting images sooner.

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful mermaid,well done TF and what a lucky girl Lizzie is. I meant to comment on her little dress in your previous post, it is just adorable!