Thursday, 15 April 2010

Beautiful Prints - finally framed

These lovely prints were published in 1971 - the year I was born! My mum kept them in their cardboard cylinder for 38 years, just enough time for me to have children, move house and then need something to pretty up their new bedrooms.

I used for the frames (the prints are an unusual size). I must say I was quite impressed with their service. I ordered on Friday, and they arrived on Wednesday! I'm not sure how that compares to other custom framing, but I was impressed. A great range of different coloured frames and mats, and different glass options, too.
Now they just need to be hung in the girls rooms; the dark haired girl for Louisa, and the fair haired for Lizzie, of course! It makes life easy to have two girls with opposite colouring.


ingrid said...

I am a 1971 baby too!

These are gorgeous. I have been looking for similar ones when thrifting and on ebay and the nice ones go for a small fortune. Lucky to you to have these treasured ones saved by your mum.

Tilda said...

These prints are way too familiar...I think I had a book when I was younger with them in it!!! They look great!!!