Monday, 8 March 2010

Catching up

I've been busy lately. The start of the school year (and the kindy year) has left me with little time for sewing, or the home projects I've been planning. I have managed to get a couple of small things completed.

The beginnings of a table runner. I used a Heather Bailey Nicey Jane charm square pack and I have to say how fantastic it was to have them precut - so easy. It makes me think of the refrain from that song: 'How long has this been going on?'. Still not backed or quilted or anything, but give me time.
Some friends were moving and passed on an old timber bed of theirs, for us to use in our guest room. 'Old' as in 'bought from a bedding store less than a decade ago and a bit daggy', not as in 'much older and rather charming', unfortunately. So I sanded it back a little and took to it with some black gloss paint - and I think it looks lovely now. Much improved from the orangey stained faux country look. Here it is dressed with my very first Sheridan doona cover, circa 1990? I hadn't been working long, anyway, and I felt very grown up and impressed with myself when I bought it.
I also a painted a plain student desk they passed on to us. I used up left over paint from our walls to fit tino Louisa's room, and changed the handles to these fun ones. It looks so cute and she loves it, especially combined with the chair we picked up on clearance at Freedom recently. All set for lots of homework!

A new couch for the family living room meant that the cushions I had didn't suit. So I made some super simple cushions with some Sandi Henderson fabric, backed with denim.

That's it for now. Hopefully as the year settles down, I'll find a bit extra time for the things I want to do!


Kylie said...

Looks like you have been busy crafting. Love everything that you have done:)

Suz said...

Hmm, yes well thanks for that, brett!

I'm pretty sure this comment is not meant to be here.

Mimi said...

Love, love, love the way the bed turned out. I think black furniture is soooo elegant and timeless. I had a dining room sideboard custom made and painted black - people thought I was off my rocker at the time but it is the most commented on piece of furniture I own!