Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Paint therapy

There's something very therapeutic about slapping some white paint on something. I finally won something on Ebay - which is remarkable for me, as I always bid so ridiculously low. My successful bid as a couple of not so lovely chairs. One of them is what they called a 'captain's chair' so I thought it was appropriate for our boating family. So a quick sand and some white paint and voila. No doubt there's someone out there horrified at me whacking on the paint, but, hey, I'm the only one bidding on it, so if not for me, most likely it was off to the tip for this cutie.

Here it was before, the photo actually makes it look not too bad, but the finish was really bad:

I've got no clue what to do with the other chair that came with it - perhaps I need to sew a linen cover and it can be my sewing chair?


baysiderose said...

The chair looks fantastic in white. It makes such a difference. Good luck with the other one!

Common Threads said...

Much better in white!

. said...

wow! great blog and nice work!! keep going