Friday, 29 October 2010

Pumpkin free zone

Hi everyone.

I have nothing against others celebrating Halloween. I'll keep a small stock of lollies in case anyone comes door knocking on the weekend, and may even take my kids along to a Halloween dress up party a friend has organised - but just letting you know I'm not doing any form of Halloween decoration.

I'll admit to spending way too much time looking at blogs, and gee, those Americans get carried away with it, don't they? I'm sure it's lots of fun, but let's just say that any holiday where orange and black are the predominant colours isn't going to win me over.

And let's face it, the seasons are all wrong. Here in Australia it's spring, and images like this are far prettier:

That's Under the Jacaranda Tree by Richard Godfrey Rivers. If you're ever in Brissie, pop into the gallery and you can check it out. The girls and I decided it's our favourite painting there. The girls may have been swayed by the pile of jacarnada leaves the staff leave at the base of the painting at the right time of year.

At the moment, the jacarandas are blooming everywhere. The girls play a little game when we're in the car to see who can be first to call out 'Jacaranda!' everytime they see one - even they same ones we see everyday.

It was funny reading A-M's post today about the connection between the jacaranda blooms and the start of exam study. Being from Victoria, I never knew about this, and so thankfully I can simply enjoy the purple prettiness.


Kylie said...

Off to read A-M's post - I did a post the other day and was told so many stories about if a Jacaranda lands on you then youare dommed to fail your exam's - having gone to Uni in Townsville where there are no Jacaranda's I also found this interesting:)

I will have to go and see the gallery - is it at southbank

Andrea said...

Oh yes the Jacaranda and uni exams, go together hand in hand. It is very much a pumpkin free zone here, I don't have any lollies here for trick or treating and we too have been invited to a party but won't be going (more because it is a bit of a drive and can't really be bothered). I hate how much of the stuf is in the shops and I get asked question after question from Ashton about all the mean faces. I am wondering why he hasn't had a nightmare yet as they are becoming a bit frequent.

The Humming Cat said...

Halloween mad here, were having a party and decorating in orange and purple, the kids love it! We have a pumpkin to carve and some simple friendly like decorations, no scary stuff, I hate the skulls and masks, all the witches will be in tutu's!

Kirsty said...

Here Here!

I'm surprised you even keep lollies in case anyone showed up. Last year we had only one group show up and none this year.

Kek said...

Hi Suz, thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

I'm totally with you on Halloween... I never allowed my lot to go begging for lollies from strangers, and I'm not about to encourage anybody else's little cherubs to come back and haunt me next year and the year after and the year after...

Love the jacaranda tree - they're not quite as spectacular here in Melbourne. I think they're like me and prefer warmer climes. ;)