Saturday, 3 February 2007

Pink, pink and more pink...oh and some red too!

The youngest of the first crop of mums' group kids is having her 3rd birthday soon, and I decided to make something for her. She's completely obsessed with ponies, specifically My Little Ponies. I couldn't find any licensed material (didn't look too hard to be honest), but I thought this unicorn fabric would fit the bill. Even if it is very, um... pink! I can see that it wouldn't be to everyone's taste but I think Charlee will love it! I hadn't sewn the straps in when I took the photo, and I've actually decided to use some ribbon ties instead. It will be easier to fit, given that I won't have a chance to try it on her. I just hope I can find some ribbon in that right shade of pink.
I'd already made Louisa's kindy sheets just after Christmas, but needed to make her a bag for them. I was going to get all creative with using the butterflies for applique onto plain fabric.( this was actually part of the reason I chose the fabric), but ran out of time really. So a plain bag, but it'll certainly do the job.
And finally, my fabric arrived from reprodepot - my first ever online fabric purchase. My aim is to make a quilt for Louisa featuring both pink and red. Her room is currently decorated with a red theme, but unfortunately she's decided that pink is her favourite colour. (I think she's not alone there.) I've never made a quilt before, so I have a bit of thinking to do about the size, a design, whether I'll actually cheat and get it professionally machine quilted, etc. So don't expect to see a quilt anytime soon!


Cass said...

Suz, the dress looks lovely, I am sure she will love it. I love the fabric you got as well. I have used the one with the road signs etc on it before.

Helen said...

Suz, fantastic fabric buys there! Dying to see this quilt, but hey, I can wait! I know how long they take, its worth it! :)

tigerfilly said...

I love that road trip fabric too :) And the pink will be loved I'm sure!!