Saturday, 3 February 2007

A top and some fabric...

A not very exciting piece of sewing! The fabric is actually from a Tshirt of Daddy's, which I cut down. I intended to use it for winter for Elizabeth underneath the two pinafore dresses I'm yet to make. Unfortunately I had to unpick the shoulder at one point and the fabric was damaged so I think it will become pyjama top, maybe with pants made from the Hello Kitty fabric I have. I guess I should have waited until I'd done that to post a pic! But I'm still having annoying temperamental camera problems, so most things I'd like to post, I can't.

I've made a beautiful top for Louisa out of the quilting material I bought at my local fabric shop. I love how the fabric works together, so much so that I'm making a dress too. I'll just have to tease you with this picture. The skirt is made from the first two fabrics. The dress will have the border on the bottom. These were my purchases on Louisa's first day of kindy. Elizabeth was asleep in the stroller so I managed to browse quite a bit, even got to the op shop down the street and bought a couple of patterns. I really like the camisole top in one of them, there's an option with wider straps on the back so am keen to have a go at that for myself.

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