Sunday, 25 February 2007

Bits and pieces

So yes, I've begun working on a quilt. The above is just a play around with the fabrics I've cut out so far. I was procrastinating terribly about it, looking into lessons, etc But I've just decided to 'have a go' and if it turns out terribly, I'll only have wasted a bit of fabric. One of my husband's favourite sayings : ' it's not brain surgery, if you stuff it up, noone's going to die'. Well, I may die of embarassment, but anyway. At least I'm feeling happy now that I've decided on a pattern and have actually started work. I 'm basically using the lotus brick path Amy Butler pattern, just doing a slightly smaller version. I don't like the lace print fabric I put in this picture, so I'll leave that out. I bought a few more fabrics today at Spotlight (all on sale of course) including the backing fabric, so hopefully the progress on this won't be too slow.

This is the bag I made for our little friend Charlee who had her birthday party yesterday. I gave her this along with the top I'd made previously from the same fabric. Although it's by no means perfect, I'm rather happy with it, given I'd never made one before and didn't use a pattern. The recipient loved it too! I guess 3 year olds don't mind a few flaws here and there. I'm now keen make myself a bag, properly with a pattern this time.

While my parents were staying with us, we did the shops in Redcliffe and Scarborough. I was surprised to find an op shop I'd never noticed before in Scarborough and even more surprised to find some great patterns. Who knows when I'[ll get around to using them, but I'm especially happy I was able to find a baby pattern. I wasn't sewing when either of my girls were babies, so missed out on making bibs and sleeping bags, etc. But now I'll be able to make gifts for any friends or relatives that have new additions.

Here's some play clothes for Lizzie. The top's from Target. The applique isn't the best, and I didn't line up the checks, but I'm not too worried as these are intended for messy visits to the park, beach, etc. and were made very quickly and easily.


Joanne said...

Everything looks great Suz... cant wait to see how the quilt progresses... the colours are lovely :)

Kylie said...

Oh I love the little bag - It is so cute. BOL with the quilt - The colours are great.

Helen said...

Suz, I'm loving the colours in that quilt! Its going to look beautiful! Thanks for the Amy Butler link too, added that one to the favourites page! :)

Cass said...

Suz love everything you made. Bags are great to make you will easily get additced