Friday, 28 August 2009


Here's Louisa dressed as Pippi Longstocking for Book Week dress up. The brief from the description in the book was a blue dress with red patches. I made a pinafore dress, expecting the weather to be a bit cooler than the higher than usual August temps we've been having! I used a light denim with my favourite red fabric for the contrast band, pocket and heart patches.

I used a easy pattern that I've used for Louisa before. That time it was size 5 and it was way too big. This time it was a size 7! I did want it to be bigger so she could wear it as a dress next winter, but still - it made me realise yet again how quickly my girls are growing up!

We teased her piggy tails to make them stick out (I tried using pipe cleaners but Louisa's hair is too thick and heavy), and used some red coloured hairspray. Stripey stockings and some freckles completed the look.


Belinda said...

How gorgeous! I can't wait till James gets to school for Book Week!

Natalie said...

Awww she looks fantastic, I love the pini, you did a great job!

ingrid said...

Yay, for Pippi! She looks fabulous!

WE have that Lauren Child illustrated version too. IT is one of my favourites for bedtime reading.

Kylie said...

Oh how cute is she - well done Suz. We are moving up your way. Looking forward to catching up again. And yes I took the photos of the flowers on my blog - they are in our garden!

fallen~from~grace said...

What a great costume! Louisa looks fabulous!
Well done Suz :)

Little Munchkins said...

What a cute Pippi she is too!