Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hannah Recites The King's Breakfast by A.A. Milne

While looking for entertainment for my sick little Lizzie yesterday, I found this on youtube. Isn't she fabulous! This was one of my favourite poems my Dad would read to us. He is an ex-radio announcer so always did it brilliantly!


Kylie said...

Love it - get better Lizzy.

Domestica said...

Loved this post - was just looking at this collection yesterday and decided my 7-yr-old might think it's old fashioned. I have my dad's poem books and House At Pooh Corner. He read these all to me when I was little. He's British, but doesn't have an accent, still, when I read these, I hear his gentle voice and it's a great feeling. Love The Kin's Breakfast!