Thursday, 13 September 2007

Lemons and limes!!

Okay, so it has just occured to me that what I thought were apples on my new fabric purchase are actually lemons and limes!! I blame sleep deprivation, which I've been experienced for about 4 years or so. Acording to this article, sleep deprivation can not only make you a bit dippy, it can lead to heart problems, diabetes, "burn out", road accidents and even cancer, so I think I better go have a lie down!


Liv said...

Hmmm i would have said they were apples too. They are apple shape. Lemons and limes are egg shaped. Did you read it on a tag what it was?

Karen said...

Suz I saw and love that fabric too and I thought they were apples as well!
Oh by the way I've tagged you! Details are on my blog. Have fun!

Suz said...

Look, I'm still confused. I think I'll still call them apples - golden delicious and granny smiths!