Friday, 28 September 2007

Pretty, pretty

Perhaps it's spring, perhaps it's just a phase, but my mind is turning to our house, and how to make it and the things in it reflect us. We've been in our home for over a year, but have made fairly minimal changes so far. But I am very keen to do a kitchen reno to begin with. It hasn't been touched since 1989. It still looks okay( Tassie Oak is fairly classic, I guess) , but I'd love an update. Deep drawers instead of poky cupboards, new appliances that actually work properly, bench tops that aren't stained laminate, you get the picture. Still lots of planning and getting our heads around all the options, so I'm starting very small. With a dinner set.
I've always loved blue and white, even if that is a bit predictable when it comes to kitchen ware. I have a little collection on display with bits and pieces from all over the place. Bits of Spode I've picked up in DJ's sales, minature tea pots, Wedgewood cups with no saucers and a tea pot without a lid. The latter I picked up from a funny little junk shop I loved when teaching in country SA years ago - the OKMart at Cobdogla. I wonder if it's still there. Anyone know?
Anyway, I found a set that, while thankfully not in the price range of Spode Blue Italian that I love, is pretty, and blue and white - and has birds on it. Oh, and proper tea cups. Our last set had straight cylinder shape cups which I never liked. Never liked the whole thing really, but I won it in a magazine giveaway and put up with it for over a decade. I'm very happy to be passing it on.


ingridk said...

I'd say that a dinner set is the perfect way to start your kitchen update, it looks to be a very lovely set and I love the tea cup and saucer (though I think i'd shake like Elizabeth off of Keeping up Appearances if I tried to have a cup with you, I'd be scared of breaking one. LOL)

ingrid said...

Very pretty!
I love spode too. I got a few pieces for wedding gifts but they look a bit sad and lonely in my cupboards. I can only dream of geting a whole dinner set.

fallen~from~grace said...

I love your new tea set, it's so pretty and sweet. I am still waiting for the day we update ours and actually get a proper tea set instead of using round coffee cups with my teapot.

Kylie said...

Oh Suz, It looks great - I have a thing for blues in the kitchen as well, and am like Ingrid with only having the one piece as a wedding gift. Hope that you enjoy your tea from a "proper" cup!