Tuesday, 11 September 2007

What to make first?

These are my latest additions to my stash and pattern collection. I love these patterns and can't wait to start on some summer clothes, mainly for Lizzie. The apple fabric is already cut out to make the cute dress in the middle. The MM christmas fabric will be for gifts for Christmas. The party fabric was on clearnace and I thought it would be great for decorations for someone's party next year.

And yes, that is some heavy weight denim there. I really want to make a denim pinafore for Lizzie, as ridiculous as that might sound at this time of year as we head into spring. The main impetus behind this is the Fifi iron on we received as part of our magazine subscription. We've also got a headband, so the pinafore would be part dressup and part actual dress, if that makes sense. If you haven't discovered this sweet character yet, check out the website. I particularly love the Fizzy Lemonade song.

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Corrie said...

fifi and the flowerpooooots...fifi the forget me nooooots...fifi....we have it here every day and its soooooo cute! keira loves it and I end up having the song going on and on in my head!!!

love the new patterns and fabrics