Monday, 9 April 2007

Burda mag top

I was determined to make something from a Burda magazine. I borrow them by the truckload from my local library and trace out the patterns, but hadn't made anything yet. So I started with this top for Louisa:

The jersey for the top part seems quite delicate and I'm not sure how well it will wash. There are also a few little flaws here and there, but overall I think it's a lovely top. I'm especially pleased with the bottom flounce (made with left over shirred cotton from a skirt I made for Louisa). I'd never finished a hem like this: folding it under, using my buttonhole stitch and trimming away the excess fabric. I wish I'd used it on the original skirt!

I finally got a picture of it when we took Jake (who's visiting for the school hols) to the park to kick the footy with his Dad. The girls found a huge puddle to play in and ended up soaking wet.


Andrea said...

The top looks great Suz, and so does the pini! We are off to the library in the morning, I will have to check out the Burda Mags. I need some winter inspiration.

Corrie said...

oh that top is sooo pretty! perfect for your little girl!
i hope it didn't get too dirty!


Natalie said...

That is such a pretty top! I love the addition of the flounce, it really sets it off. Think I might have to go look at some Burda magazines too ;)