Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Op shop visits

A very successful outing to our local op shops this morning. I found some great fabric and just one pattern - but a very cute one. It's the first time I've purchased fabric at a thrift store. I haven't been game, especially at this store where it's all sealed up in plastic. I guess that keeps it nice and clean, but it also means you can't get a good look or feel . I'm glad I took a punt this time though.
I wish I was better at identifying fabrics. Two are clearly a nice cotton, but the purple and the paisley ones seem to be cotton with a flanellette backing? So I'm not sure what their original purpose is. I'm sure they'd make great pjs, but I can't help thinking the pasiley one especially would be great as some groovy pants or another pinafore dress. Would that be silly?
Lizzie scored too, with a pretty doll. Although I gave the doll a 'bath', she still has a drawing mark across her face that I can't remove despite careful scubbing, but I'm not too worried. With Lizzie's penchant for scribbling on anything and everything (as evidenced on the flip out sofa she's sitting on), it was bound to happen anyway.


ingrid said...

A little girl can never have too many pinis! I think they look adorable summer or winter, so I vote you make another pini.
That pattern is cute too!

Andrea said...

I say go for the pini idea also! What a gret pattern to find. I love the paisly!

Cass said...

Well done Suz some good buys.