Monday, 30 April 2007


I've really taken to this thrifting thing. I've never really frequented op shops and the like, but I've always had a love of a bargain. Now that's going into overdrive, when I bring home bags full of things and then think about how little it all cost. Not to mention how personal and original the items are. In the last week, I've been very lucky with what I've found - but far too many things to photograph or write about. I've found Enid Gilchrist books, Golden Hands magazines, children's books (include one written by an old friend of my Aunty - see the poor confused character in the pic), patterns (my favourite is the one I've included above - can't wait to start on that for Louisa), fabric, almost new leather shoes for Lizzie, and my favourite, this doll's cradle for $5 (photographed in the car - not keen to take it out until its had a good clean up and paint).


Andrea said...

You are getting thrifty Suz! It all looks great.

Cass said...

Great buys Suz

ingrid said...

Oh what lovely finds! I'm glad you are now are true converted thrifter! That little dolls cradle is just lovely. It will look fabulous all cleaned up.

Corrie said...

wow I'd like to go to your store thank you very much! wonderful stuff and I've been loving thrifting for a while!!!!!

love the pinnie too!