Thursday, 5 April 2007

A good day!

Well, it is a good day when you have a birthday party at the lagoon for one of Louisa's kindy friends who turned 4 (Louisa is quite the baby of the group). A fun morning, eating way too many cupcakes and sausages and lollies. It was all too much for Lizzie.

Louisa was trawling through her party bag on the drive home and found a lollipop, opened it, had two licks and decided she didn't like lollipops and handed it to Lizzie who promptly popped in her mouth and fell asleep. A bit too much like a dummy, only even worse for your teeth!
Then we arrive home and find a lovely parcel in the mailbox from Bec.

Very lovely and useful things, and very happy to finally have some silicone bakeware in my possession in the form of these lovely cupcake/mini muffin ones. Louisa has decided they're perfect, but I don't think her sugar levels could handle anything today. But we'll definitely be trying Bec's Banana, Date and Sour Cream Muffins very soon. They sound delicious and just the kind of thing we love.

Thankyou Bec! And wishing you all the best for the birth of your precious bub.


Cass said...

Suz, some lovely stuff there and well done Bec

Andrea said...

Great patchwork Bec, you and Helen were thinking the same! Love the silicone bakeware!
Happy muffing making.