Saturday, 7 April 2007

On the water

We enjoyed a lovely morning on Moreton Bay yesterday. We took the girls around past Redcliffe on the boat to witness the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race. Fantastic weather and Lizzie enjoyed her first real boating outing (apart from the pre-Christmas canal tour and another very )short trip. She had a great time, and the faster and noisier the boat the more she seemed to relish it. On the other hand, Louisa, who has spent more time on the boat with Dad, suffered from sea sickness. I think it was so much time not moving, waiting for the start of the race, rather than the usual full speed to Moreton Island. Plus the wash from so many other spectator craft.

Below is the race leader Ichi Ban who raced right past us - very exciting!


Helen said...

Oh Suz, what a great shot of the girls! They look like they are having a ball! :)

Andrea said...

What a perfect way to spend Easter Friday. You are lucky to be able to get out on the water.
The girls look like they are enjoying it. I hope Louisa wasn't too sick.

tigerfilly said...

Very cool girls in the sunnies, and looks like you all had a blast!

Marie said...

Ah memories. We used to go watch the start of the race too in our boat - i think i had a very similar lifejacket and everything. Looks like you had a great day.